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Butcher Shop Specials This Week

— 8 oz. New York Strip, Just $5.99ea.

— Monday’s Only: 45% off Chicken sale just $2.99/lb.

**Sale Ends January 23, 2018**

Also, remember we have frozen boxed steak bargains! These are the same hand-cut steaks you get in the case, but sometimes we cut too many and have to freeze them. Which means you get a deal!

Home Made Bratwurst and Other Sausage Products are Made Up And Ready For You Too.

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  • Jeannie Walker says:

    Not very clear, filet 19.95 and lobster tail 19.95 OR filet and lobster 19.95 for both ?

  • Shannon says:

    Purchased some porterhouse steaks and stew meat the other day. Had steaks for dinner and made homemade vegetable beef soup for the next couple of days in the crock pot. Just Awesome!

  • Jon Fancett says:

    How thick r the ribeye ?

  • Stanley says:

    Do you have grass fed meat?

    • Dons Meat Shop says:

      Sorry, no. We find the grass fed beef to be inconsistent in quality and sometimes even chewy. We do have some all natural meat though if that interests you.

  • Tina Coulombe says:

    Do you do have meat package deals

  • jennifer legacy says:

    How much are the cases of steaks?

    • Dons Meat Shop says:

      Hi Jennifer, the box steak prices vary by weight. Most of the time no two boxes are the same, you just have to come by to see what we have and the price.

  • elex says:

    Do have any wild meat, or can I order some through you, also do you have any hot franks? Thank you

    • Dons Meat Shop says:

      Hi Elex, We can order Elk or Venison but it is domesticated not wild. It is against the law to sell meat that has been wild harvested. Currently, I do not have hot franks but I can get them easy enough. Please call the store for details: 423-842-1256.

  • deb says:

    When will you be getting beef ribs

  • Holly says:

    Hi! I am interested in making my own bone broth. Do you sell just Bones (in addition to your delicious meats)? Do you regularly carry short ribs and brisket? Finally, exactly what are English cut short ribs and why do some recipes specify this?

  • Lance says:

    Beautiful cuts of meat. Went my first time yesterday, and picked up a couple of rib eye steaks to cook this week end. Going back next week. Thank you Don.

    • Dons Meat Shop says:

      Lance, I’m happy you stopped in and happier you liked our selection. Looking forward to talking to you soon.

  • Jan Summers says:

    Hello! Your shop was recommended to me by a friend as I am new to the area. I raw feed my dogs and am looking for a source for beef or pork hearts and kidneys and beef tongue. Do you have these available? Thank you!

    • Dons Meat Shop says:

      Hi Jan, Thank you for your question, and I’m happy to help you feed your dogs a raw diet. We can order both beef hearts and tongue but do not keep any in stock. Just call the shop (423-842-1256) and let me know how much you want and I’ll be happy to bring it in for you.

  • Do you have cowboy steaks

    • Dons Meat Shop says:

      Hi Mechelle,

      We can cut Cowboy Steaks for you anytime. Please just call the shop and let us know when you want them so we can have them ready.

  • Mary Lynch says:

    We are looking for ground beef to make chili, but we need a coarser grind than what’s in the grocery store (‘chili grind’ is all my mom ever called it). Is that available?

    Mary L.

    • Dons Meat Shop says:

      Hi Mary, we actually grind our own hamburger meat and it is a little bit larger grind. Come by the shop and see if it’ll work for you, if not, I’m sure we can get you fixed up.

  • Jonas Holcomb says:

    Love the selection, price, and quality here. We always get steaks, hamburger patties, chicken, and stuffed pork chops. 5 stars for sure.

  • Phillip Carothers says:

    New to the area seen a commercial wondering if you sell bundles packages example so much ground beef, steaks, pork chops,. chicken

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