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Deer Processing

Deer Processing Procedure

Wild game MUST be: Skinned, Cleaned, Head and Feet removed.

We cannot skin wild game due to TN State department of health regulations:

“All wild game shall be skinned and eviscerated prior to entrance into any retail establishment.”

Wild game harvested in Tennessee MUST have a TWRA number on the license and the confirmation number.

Game harvested from outside the state of Tennessee will need a copy of the hunters license if a kill tag was not issued.

Processing times vary. Average turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours.

Please be prepared to pick up your wild game as soon as possible or within 24 hours of being called as our freezer space is very limited.


We are open 7 days per week.

Regular business hours can be seen on the right hand side of this page.

Wild Game Processing Price List

Standard processing – $50.00

  • Includes: Back strap sliced, cubed, whole; round steaks, cube steak, roasts, stew meat, and burger. (All burger ground with beef fat unless otherwise requested).

Custom Processing

Please note: Prices are IN ADDITION TO standard processing fee.

Beef fat $1.00 per lb.

Breakfast sausage: Mild or hot – $2.00lb. (5lb. minimum, processes with fresh pork).

Smoked Products:

  • Snack sticks: Regular – $9.00 With Cheddar Cheese $10.00
  • Summer Sausage 
    • Regular – $13.00 ea.
    • With Pepper Jack Cheese – $13.00 ea.
    • With Cheese and Jalapeño Peppers – $13.00 ea.
  • Custom link sausage – $3.00lb.
  • (Vacuum packaging available. Additional $1.00 per bag)
  • Deer Jerky – Spicy Flavor – $25.00lb.
    • Processed from hindquarters and back straps. 2lbs of deer meat will yield approximately 1 lb of jerky).