Don's Meat Shop Chattanooga TN

Fish and Seafood

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1. Fillets

6 oz. Wild caught Pacific Salmon 8 oz. Wild caught Yellow Fin Tuna
Farm raised Catfish Farm raised Tilapia

2. Specialty Fillets

Pecan crusted Rainbow Trout Stuffed Flounder
Tortilla crusted Tilapia Almond crusted Sole
Cajun crusted Tilapia Crab stuffed Salmon

3. Frog Legs

4. Scallops & Shellfish

Wild caught dry Sea Scallops 4 oz. Wild caught Lobster tails
1 lb. Peeled & deveined raw Shrimp 1 lb. Peeled & deveined cooked Shrimp
1 lb. Coconut breaded Shrimp 1 lb. Breaded butterflied Shrimp

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